Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020

Happy 2020 my friends! January kicks off our Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL! I have enjoyed looking at these kinds of projects, and I am ecstatic to be starting this one with you! Have you heard of temperature projects? They are a great way to make blankets, scarves, shawl, etc. that is completely unique to you! It’s like a physical representation of your life in yarn! FUN!!


Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com



Temperature projects start at the first of the year. Each day we will work two color stripes, so at the end of the year you have a finished project. The colors you work is based on the highest and lowest temperatures of the day. Easy peasy, right?

Here is the break down to prepare:

  1. Choose if you want to crochet or knit, you can always do both. (I will be posting a guide for both on January 3, 2020, be sure to visit here!)
  2. Choose your yarn, color palette and assign a temperature range to each color. (See my palettes below.)
  3. (Highly Recommended) Download a weather app, bookmark weather.com, or grab your journal to jot down the temperature daily.
  4. Follow the hashtag #ACTEMPPROJECT2020 to see everyone’s progress. Don’t forget to post and tag your own WIPs throughout 2020!

Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com


Here’s a brief summary of how we are going to do it in 2020

  • We are going to make a gorgeous crochet blanket and a beautiful knit cowl.
  • We will do two rows per day, first row average high, second row average low. Alternatively, you could do both rows in one color for the average daily temperature.
  • If you get a few weeks behind, you can easily catch up, as the rows are quick and easy to whip up.
  • I will provide monthly updates on the progress of the blanket and cowl throughout the year. At the very end of the year, we will review the whole year and add a simple edging if you wish!
  • Important to Note: my chart is in degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can adjust yours to Celsius if you would like.
  • Please adjust accordingly to your area of the world, if you live in a warmer region, your chart will have different ranges.

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I have put together some handy tools to help you keep everything together and completely organized as you go.

Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com

Basic Material Requirements

What colors? Typically, temperature projects are worked in a rainbow of colors with whites and blues indicating the coldest colors and orange and reds indicating the highest temps. I have put together a color palette using Red Heart Super Saver/With Love and Caron Simply Soft (shown below).

You can work with my suggested colors or select your own yarns and colors!

My Yarn ~ Crochet Blanket
White 0-10°
Iced Aqua 11-20°
Charcoal 21-30°
Peacock 31-40°
Jadeite 41-50°
Evergreen 51-60°
Bright Yellow 61-70°
Perfect Pink 71-80°
Pumpkin 81-90°
Cherry Red 91-100°+

Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com

I decided to use Caron Simply Soft for the Temperature Cowl so it would be a little lighter and have a decent amount of rows.

My Yarn ~ Knit Cowl
White 0-20°
Robins Egg 21-30°
Purple 31-55°
Charcoal Heather 56-70°
Dark Country Blue 71-80°
Baby Sunshine 81-90°
Autumn Red 91-100°+

The amount of yarn you will need in each color will alter depending on the temperature in your area. The finished size of your blanket and/or cowl will also vary on your yarn and gauge.

Hook and Notions
Size Hook: I (5.5mm), scissors, stitch markers and blunt needle, tape measure
Color Swatch – Want to make one? Check out my video tutorial! You can even go HERE to find out how I made mine. Grab your Temperature Chart HERE

Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com

Another great tool I’m using to stay on track and organized is a calendar, you can customize and print one for yourself for free HERE. This is such a life saver for recording daily temperatures and notating the colors needed.

If you are making both the temperature crochet blanket and the knit cowl, I highly recommend you print a calendar for each project. It will help out a lot when keeping track of your progress.

Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com

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December 1 – Check In
December 27 – Edging
December 31 – Last Check In

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Happy Hookin!
XO, Mistie

Temperature Blanket CAL/KAL 2020 | American Crochet @americancrochet.com