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Effortless Washcloth

Effortless Washcloth ~

Free Crochet Pattern

The Effortless Washcloth is easy and quick to make. It can be made in one color, multiple colors, variegated or self-stripping yarn is also a good choice. This washcloth is a nice size to use in the shower, tub, or to wash your face. Make them to match the colors in your guest bathroom for a little bit of a personal touch. The Effortless Washcloth was made using Cotton Supreme Batik, an I hook, basic crochet stitches, and easy special stitches. I hope you enjoy it!

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Festive Cheer Sachet

Festive Cheer Sachet ~

Free Crochet Pattern

This pretty Festive Cheer Sachet is a great little bag to keep in a drawer and the items smelling fresh. I absolutely enjoy making these little gorgeous sachets and the scented pouches that go in them. Not to mention I am making a lovely gift and keeping the cost down. Enjoy!

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Cornered Coaster

Cornered Coaster ~

Free Crochet Pattern

I designed this lovely Cornered Coaster for the Christmas Gift Along 2017! This pretty coaster takes less than one skein of yarn to make and is a great addition to your home/office. Invited to a Holiday party? This Cornered Coaster will make a great hostess gift. Enjoy!

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