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Doggie Wednesday’s


Welcome to Doggie Wednesday’s Series. Each Wednesday I will be sharing with you our adventure with the girls and what I am working on. I would love for you to share pics of your pets or fun little tidbits about them. All three girls are fast asleep on the couch next to me as I sit here telling you about our adventure.

Doggie Wednesday's | American Crochet

The kids have been working on their school work and trying to get ahead when possible. I have been working on a few new designs that I hope to have finished and ready for testing soon. Even with our busy schedule we have also been moving my work office so that there will be more space and be better organized. The girls are loving their new playroom almost as much as they love high jacking my yarn. They enjoy running under our bed, around the recliners, and into their room with the yarn. Luckily it has just been some scraps of yarn and not the good stuff. LOL

Peanut, Jelly, and Blitz have discovered crushed ice and boy oh boy is it fun to watch them play with it. They have so much fun scooting it across the floor and trying to take the other ones ice away. We have been looking at area rugs and puzzle mats that are easy to clean, non toxic and are safe for the girls. This way we can cover up the carpet so it doesn’t get ruined. We have found a few things but still not sold on anything just yet. Cannot wait to see their reaction to the furniture we just got them. In the evenings they love hanging out on the couch with Gracie and I while we are crocheting or knitting. However, there are times they rather be hanging out with my husband and youngest son.

Currently I have been working on the Winter Wonder Crochet Along that starts this Friday. Hope you will be joining me. I am also working on a cute new scarf using Graceful Fiber yarn. I will show pictures as soon as possible.

Well I better get back to designing, doing a little laundry, and prep for tomorrow. Be sure to come back next Wednesday to see what we have been up to.

Happy Hookin!
XO, Mistie


2 thoughts on “Doggie Wednesday’s

  1. We had a shep mix named Blitz! lol

    1. That’s awesome. Ours is full of energy all day long. lol There is no sitting down unless they take a nap but that is when I try to do the dishes and get other things done.

      Have a great evening,

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