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Miniature Therapy Horses


Mini Hooves of Love is a State of Texas Domestic Non-profit Corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a 501©3 organization.  “Mini Hooves of Love miniature horses and volunteers are dedicated to providing therapeutic animal assisted visits.  It is our mission to give people the opportunity to interact with a miniature horse to enhance their quality of life.”  (MHOL website, 2016)

Mini Hooves of Love


~ Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to let us fell that we are supported & cared about. ~


Some of the benefits of Pet Therapy are that it can reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and encourages socialization.  Most people can relate to horses and people in nursing homes and assisted living housing communities see them as transportation, or their work companion.  They see them with fond memories and relate to feelings of freedom and strength.


When it comes to children’s hospitals, what child hasn’t wanted to be a cowboy or cowgirl? Most every little girls dream is having a pony, and the small stature of the horses makes them easy to hug without being intimidating.  Most children have never had a bad experience on a horse…there is no common fear of miniature horses, as there is in dogs.  They are well accepted by young and old alike, and they are accepting of all kinds of people in almost any situation.


The mini horses and owners have a lot of training to go through getting them desensitized to many different situations, but they are still horses.  The have to learn to walk on different surfaces and not step on toes.  They are trained to maneuver around wheelchairs, walkers, tables and chairs, as well as medical equipment.  The group visits Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Children’s Hospitals, Shelters, and makes Hospice visits.


As the Mini Hooves of Love group visits they hand out items to the people they visit.  They have a need for new items for this purpose.


The items can be crocheted, knitted, or sewed really need stuffed ponies.  Also except items for newborn to teen patients and their families, such as scarves, cowls, beanies, hats, lovies (24” or 36”) could put pony head in center, lapghan 36” to 48”) for wheelchair, child’s blanket (36” to 48”), walker bags for children and adults


Pony Pattern $4.00

Child size Rainbow Pony Hat (Beanie)

Lion Brand Dream Toys Horse Pattern

Unicorn Hat

Crochet Horse