Crafting a Rainbow of Hope Community

Crafting A Rainbow Of Hope ~

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

The folks on the reservation live in severe poverty. They have the highest suicide rate among-st the youth. The grandparents are lucky to live past the age of 60. Most of them have out houses and live in sheds that we store our lawn equipment inside. This is a small en-devour to show comfort and compassion.

Type of items to be made:

Age group: Men and Women think Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. Our first goal is 300. You can use any pattern that makes your heart sing and any kind of fabric, yarn or wool. Yes, you can sew them if you have that talent.

Hats, Scarves or Cowls, Mittens or hand warmers. Please be watching the blog as we will be sharing with you some free patterns to help you have fun while you craft. If you have questions or ideas for this trip email me at:


No owls and please do not use the color white.

**Please tag your items with washing instructions**


You may send your donations to:
DawnO – Pine Ridge Project
205 Rabbit Hollow Lane
Georgetown, TX 78626


Mistie Bush – Pine Ridge Project
P.O. Box 508
Damon, Texas 77430

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Crafting a Rainbow of Hope Charity Organization | American Crochet #charity #craftingarainbowofhope

Crafting a Rainbow of Hope Community

If you know me then you know how passionate I am with helping those who truly need it and my love for crochet. I have been involved in several charities and gifting to those that I felt needed a little extra love for a few years now and I love every bit of it. In 2013 I really started thinking about how I should have a community of my own that gifts to people who are grieving, going through hard times, who are ill, specific charities, hospitals, animal shelters, etc. It warms my heart to give a handmade item to someone who I feel could use it or a pet that is lonely. Weaving that special bond between others is amazing.  In November of 2014 my dad was put in the hospital. That’s when I met Danny from Guest Services who mentioned the cancer patients were in need of warm hats, scarves, and such while undergoing their treatment. With all of this in mind “Crafting A Rainbow Of Hope” became a reality.

Please feel free to send (gift) crocheted, knitted, sewn/quilted items throughout each month for those who could use a little extra love.

You may send your donations to:

Mistie Bush
P.O. Box 508
Damon, Texas 77430

If you would like to participate in this endeavor and join the group HERE please fill out the form (below).  The items will be delivered to the specific locations throughout each month. You may place a card with size or age it will fit, care instructions, and an inspirational verse.

Join Us ~ Learn the Art of Giving

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The children like bright and wild colors as with any child. There are older teens and adults who may prefer the more neutral or muted colors. Any color will be accepted.


  1. If you use wool please add a little note saying so
  2. Smoke free environment
  3. Place each item in a plastic bag or send plastic bags with the hats

Here are some of the organizations that we donate to:


Texas Childrens Hospital


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8 thoughts on “Crafting a Rainbow of Hope Community

  1. I am intereted in joining in this effort to help others.

    1. Thank you Pat. I will be putting more info out soon. Until then start crocheting and I’d love to see your photos. 🙂

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