Facts, Answers, and Questions

Below you will find a list of Facts, Answers, and Questions that may help you along the way. In the event you get stuck or have a question (that is not listed) or need more clarification please don’t hesitate to contact me.

1 – Can I sell items I’ve made from your patterns?
You are more than welcome to sell the finished items that you have made yourself. However, please NO MASS production is allowed. There is no reason to go crazy making finished items. Remember you do have a life ????

Please link back to me as the designer ???? If you have any doubt please contact me!

And hey, please drop me a stitch or two and show me your work! I love see anything made from my patterns.

2 – Can I share your patterns on my website/blog or social media pages?
I would LOVE it if you share my patterns! As long as you provide a link back to my website/blog. Please DO NOT post the patterns themselves…only images and links!

3 – Can I make a copy of your paid pattern?
Yes, but only for yourself! Your BFF can get her own copy.

Please DO NOT share, copy, post or distribute in any way, electronic or other ways that will infringe my right as the author and creator of these patterns. Yes, I know you just gotta share with your Best Friend…hey…giving the link to my site is sharing, right???

Please respect the pattern itself, including the instructions, words, photographs and diagrams (if any). It might not look like a lot of work to you, but a lot of HARD work and dedication goes into designing a pattern, not to mention the process of writing of one.

4 – How do I download your patterns?

Our patterns, whether free or paid, are like any other product. The easiest way to download the patterns is to:

1. Sign in to your account

2. Add the desired pattern to your cart

3. Complete checkout.

You’ll be shown the download link immediately as well as receive an email with the download link. Click that link and you’ll be good to download the PDF to any device.

Should your pattern ever get misplaced, you can login, click on Orders and re-download it. Having this type of setup allows us to know who ordered which pattern and when, so we can better assist you should you ever need it.

5 – Can I contact you if I have a question or problem with one of your patterns?
Absolutely, PLEASE do!  I don’t mind helping. If I made a mistake, or there is any error of any kind I want to fix it ASAP! However, please be nice when contacting me. There is no need to be rude (Yes, I have received some nasty grams)

Any question you ask I will try to answer to the best of my abilities.

You will need Adobe Reader to open and print (adobe reader is available as a free download at adobe.com).
Since patterns are in PDF format and the download links are sent directly to your email address, they are non-refundable (sorry).
You are NOT allowed to make photo or video tutorials (on-line or off-line) for my free/paid patterns without my explicit permission.
For any questions or queries please contact me!