Pattern Testing Club

Pattern Testing Club

Hello and welcome to American Crochet (Mistie Bush Designs) Pattern Testing Club. It is a pleasure to have you join us. I have created this Pattern Testing Club to help me ensure that my patterns are good to go before being released out in to the pattern world. A link will be added in the American Crochet Newsletter. Grab a chair and get comfy but not so comfy that you fall asleep. haha

Pattern Testing Club | American Crochet

Do not share the pattern(s) with anyone without my permission. The pattern(s) is top secret until I have published them. Even then my copyrights still apply.


  1. Know how to read a crochet pattern.
  2. Have beginner to advanced crochet experience.
  3. Are able and willing to communicate with me if you find any issues with the pattern.
  4. Comprehend the written pattern.
  5. When testing be able to articulate where the mistake is in the row or round.
  6. Be willing to post your finished item in Ravelry to show that the pattern has been tested.