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Unboxing: Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Winter 2020

I recently received BANKSIA POD and BLOODWOOD with Green TAMARIND Crochet Hook from Nelsonwood and wanted to share with you all about his products. Let me give you a little bit of info about Bryan Nelson and how we met. Bryan is a full-time woodworker and turner of domestic and exotic woods. He turns everything from Crochet Hooks to Salad Bowls. Each piece is total drool worthy and amazing. If you have not seen, held and/or worked with his crochet hooks you are definitely missing out. (Just my opinion)

Unboxing: Nelson Wood Crochet Hook Winter 2020 | American Crochet

By Mistie

February 21, 2020


We met two years ago at the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Fiber Fest. I had already been eyeing his crochet hooks on Instagram before deciding that I was going to DFW Fiber Fest 2018. After making the decision to go I knew I had to check out these beautiful Nelsonwood Crochet Hooks for myself. I mean how could I possibly go to an event that he was going to be at and not go touch these hooks and introduce myself. Needless to say I left the event one happy lady. And from that point I have been hooked.

Okay I’ll admit I have a HUGE obsession with Nelsonwood Crochet Hooks. I love just looking at them and getting to touch them. I’m not going to lie it takes a lot of self control to stay away from his Instagram account. The more I see his new hooks the more I want another one. I keep reminding myself I do NOT need another hook, that I have plenty. But who am I kidding, I would so add another one of his hooks to my collection in a heart beat.

Unboxing: Nelson Wood Crochet Hook Winter 2020 | American Crochet

Look at this gorgeous hook! Talk about drool worthy…

All Crochet Hooks and Yarn Bowls are crafted in the USA by Master Craftsman Bryan Tyler Nelson
“​​Nelsonwood Crochet Hooks are a unique design that will help with cramping and fatigued hands. Allowing you to crochet longer and with greater comfort. Not only are they ergonomic and a pleasure to hold, being soft and warm to the touch (compared to metal hooks) they are a beautiful sight for the eyes!”

Unboxing: Nelson Wood Crochet Hook Winter 2020 | American Crochet


You can find these gorgeous hooks at:
Website –
Instagram – bryan_tyler_nelson
Facebook – Nelsonwood
Pinterest – NelsonwoodWorking

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Happy Hookin!
XO, Mistie

Unboxing: Nelson Wood Crochet Hook Winter 2020 | American Crochet

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