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Temperature Color Swatch

Hi friends! Here I will be showing you how to make your very own Temperature Color Swatch. I created the Temperature Color Swatch to help keep you on track and organized while crocheting or knitting your temperature projects.

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet



Have you heard of temperature projects? They are a great way to make blankets, scarves, shawl, etc. that is completely unique to you! It’s like a physical representation of your life in yarn! FUN!!

Temperature projects start at the first of the year.

Each day we will work two color stripes, so at the end of the year you have a finished project. The colors you work is based on the highest and one for the lowest temperature of the day. Easy peasy, right?

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet


  • Important to Note: my chart is in degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can adjust yours to Celsius if you would like.
  • Please adjust accordingly to your area of the world, if you live in a warmer region, your chart will have different ranges.

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Now that I have given you a little bit of information let’s get started shall we?

Step One: you need to download and print the Thermometer. I recommend you print it on a heavy card stock. This way it is more sturdy with the yarn attached to it. Once you have printed the thermometer go ahead and cut it out.

Label your thermometer (this lets you know which project it belongs to) Temperature Crochet Blanket or Temperature Knit Cowl or whatever your temp project maybe. Then write your colors along with temps down the side of the thermometer. Start with the highest temp at the top and work your way down to the coolest temp.

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet @americancrochet.com

Step Two: Now that you have labeled your thermometer, evenly punch holes down the opposite side. Make sure the holes line up with your colors.

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet

Step Three: Cut a small piece of yarn from each of your temperature colors. Once you have done that you will run each piece of yarn through the holes according to their color.

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet

Congratulations, you have created your very own Temperature Color Swatch!

I hope you have enjoyed making this Temperature Color Swatch with me. If you haven’t joined our Temperature CAL/KAL go HERE to grab the necessary information.

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Happy Hookin!
XO, Mistie

Temperature Color Swatch | American Crochet