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Rows 13 & 14


Rows 13 and 14 of the CWU & AC Mystery Blanket CAL.

Row 13 and 14 are the next part of the CWU & AC Mystery Blanket CAL. Enjoy!

Rows thirteen n fourteen

After row 12, you should have a total of 372 hdc & 4 x ch2 spaces.

Rounds 13 & 14

Special Stitches
Herringbone Double Crochet – (Hb dc) – yo, insert hook into indicated stitch, yo draw loop up and through, first loop on hook, (2 loops on hook), yo and draw through 1 loop on hook, yo and draw through both loops on hook. (Hb dc completed)


Row 13: Join in the corner, chain 2,
dc, chain 2, work 2 dc in corner space,
* work Hb-dc in each stitch across, work (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in next corner, *
repeat from * to * 2 more times. (81 Hb-dc on short rows, 105 Hb-dc on long rows, 4xch2 sps, and 4x4dc) Fasten Off.

Row 14: Attach color in any corner, repeat row 13. (388 hb-dc, 16dc, 4 ch 2 sps )


Happy Hookin!

XO, Mistie

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