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Who would like a crochet/knit along?


Who would like a crochet/knit along?

My friend (Dawn @DawnO Designs) and I have been talking about doing a crochet/knit along. We both crochet and knit however, knitting is her passion as crocheting is mine. Dawn has recently been designing hybrid patterns. These patterns are a lot of fun and are stunning. Her hybrid patterns are a mix of knit and crochet all stitched into one design.

Crochet Knit Along | American Crochet @americancrochet #crochet #knit

We have been bouncing around the idea of collaborating on a few new hybrid designs. The more we discussed this idea we started thinking that it would be so much fun to release one of the designs as a crochet/knit a long. At the moment we do not have all the details worked out. While we are putting everything together we would like to know what you all think about this awesome idea. Is this crochet/knit a long something that you would love to participate in or is it not your thing? Please leave us your comments on this thread. By leaving us your thoughts this will tell us if we should give this a go.

Happy Hookin!
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9 thoughts on “Who would like a crochet/knit along?

  1. Hi Ladies, It sounds like fun BUT, I only crochet ???? One day I’ll try knitting, I think? With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s so many gifts to make, that there’s not enough time to start learning to knit right now. Maybe in the next year would work better for me ????

  2. I crochet and knit but I would love to have a knit kal this time.

  3. A Crochet a long sounds good to me

  4. I only crochet so I would love a crochet along.

  5. Hey, that sounds like fun! I knit really well, yet very SLLOOOWWWWLLLLLYYYYYY!! I’m dyslexic and having 2 needles, that whole row of stitches plus the working yarn… recipe for disaster! I have been crocheting for 34 years so that part’s in the bag!

  6. Crochet please

  7. Great idea, I can do both!

  8. Sounds great to me – I’m definitely up for trying this, thanks!

  9. I think it would be a lot of fun. I do both.

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