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4th of July Blanket


4th of July Blanket ~

Free Crochet Pattern

Use this as a lap cover, stroller cover, car blanket, picnic blanket, or anywhere that you’d like to show a little patriotism. This blanket works up quickly using the popular “C2C” style, using Tunisian entrelac blocks. Enjoy!

Fourth of July Blanket | Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern |

This 4th of July Blanket was stitched by Nicole Cormier of Tunisian Crochet Chick, exclusively for American Crochet


LEVEL: Intermediate


8.0mm Tunisian hook

8.0mm regular hook

1 skein each, Red Heart Super Saver in Red, White, and Blue.

Darning needle

GUAGE: each square is 8 ¾” X 8 ¾”


  • Blanket is worked corner-to-corner (C2C). In this style, one square is worked. For the next row, two squares are worked along side edges of the first square. For the third and fourth rows, this pattern is followed, making side edge squares that serve to increase the size of the blanket. After the fourth row, increases are no longer worked. The following rows are decreased back down to one square, to shape the blanket.
  • Each row is worked in one colour, starting with red. The sequence is red-white-blue.
  • Following finishing, a regular hook is used to work single crochet in rounds to finish the edges.
  • Weave in loose ends as you work.



Instructions for making a corner-to-corner blanket can be found here. Following these instructions, work a 20 stitch/20 row Tunisian squares in Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS). After working 20 rows, work a slip stitch bind off. The first square (which is also the first row) is red. The second row is white, and the third row is blue. Repeat this sequence throughout.


This blanket was worked C2C style in four rows before decreasing. A total of seven rows were worked. You can continue working increase rows to your heart’s content, for a bigger blanket. This blanket was kept on the small side because I envisioned it being folded up and brought along to 4th of July events to seat children on, cover strollers, to bundle up a baby, etc. I also wanted to make something striking and bold, but quickly.


4th of July Blanket Collage


Weave in all those loose ends.

Using regular hook, attach red yarn to any corner with a slip stitch. Work sc in this corner. Work sc around, working 3 sc in next three corners. Finish round with 2 additional sc in starting corner. Cut red. Do not turn. Join white in central sc of any 3 sc corner grounp. Working in sc, work sc in sc around, taking care to work 3 sc in each corner stitch (the central sc of each 3 sc corner group). When finished cut white, and join blue. Work as before. Weave in the rest of those loose ends.


Happy Hookin!
XO, Mistie


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