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Design It, Promote It, Sell It


Design It, Promote It, Sell It by Marie Segares

Book Review & Giveaway

Marie Segares is ready to jump start your designer dreams with hands on knowledge with her brand new book Design It, Promote It, Sell It! It’s a valuable resource for anyone who owns a crochet or knit design business. I am excited and honored to be sharing a peek inside this fantastic book and to be giving away one copy here on American Crochet.

Disclaimer: Materials for this book review and giveaway were provided by Marie Segares.

Marie Segares is a talented knit and crochet designer, college professor, pod-caster, and author. She also has a robust business background and has written a few other helpful books. This book is all about the business of selling knit and crochet patterns. In my opinion this book is a must read for designers. It is also a good introduction on internet and social media marketing overall, not to mention an exceptional look inside the pattern design industry. I am happy to call her my friend!

Here is how she describes her book: “This book includes a crash course in marketing, dozens of ways to promote your patterns online, suggestions for posting on social media, tools for using analytics to find out what is working, and checklists and resources to use in your own business. Refine your marketing strategy and learn the tools you need to get your patterns in front of the right customers.”

WOW! This is the information that Marie has spent year after year learning. It is divided up into 5 sections, ready to help every step of the way:
1. A Crash Course in Marketing – an overview of marketing strategy, along with questions to ask
yourself and helpful examples for crochet and knit designers.
2. How To Promote Your Patterns Online – an introduction to 15 great ways designers can
promote their patterns online.
3. What To Post Online – inspiration and ideas for promoting your next design.
4. Using Analytics To Make Life Easier (and More Profitable) – learn where to focus your
marketing energy, time, and budget.
5. Questionnaires, Checklists, and Resources – get Marie’s favorite free and low-cost
resources for promoting your patterns online, and get the most out of this book.

There is so much to absorb inside Design It, Promote It, Sell It! Right from the start, Marie
dives into “the 5 C’s of Marketing Situation Analysis”. Some of it you may already know but I am sure there a things you were not aware of or have not thought about going in that direction. I know, it sounds complicated, but I promise she really breaks it down so that it is understandable and in a helpful way.

In my opinion, that’s the best thing about this book. The majority of us, as designers, have the crochet or knit part down. However, it is the marketing end of things that tends to frazzle some of us. Marie takes you through the planning, executing, and tracking it all, making it easier to understand.

You can purchase Design It, Promote It, Sell It on Gumroad, and Amazon US!

Thank you for those who participated in this giveaway!

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