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Pine Ridge Letter One

As you all know I have a love of helping others and am passionate about my crochet. With all that has been going on in the world this year I was having a difficult time deciding on where and if I should donate at all. With all the delays in mail arriving to its destination and so many places being shut down to visitors. It makes it more of a challenge to the necessary items to those in need. The more my friend Dawn aka DawnO Designs and I have discussed work things and exactly what we wanted moving forward….she continued to mention Pine Ridge Reservation and how much she loved helping them.

Pine Ridge Letter One | American Crochet

After a months of detailed discussion and so forth I am happy to announce WE have Joined forces to gather donations for Pine Ridge Reservation. We look forward to this adventure and hope you choose to join us.


Read DawnO’s Story

Hi, my name is DawnO. Let me tell you a little about my charitable projects. Let me start at the beginning. I was a moderator along with another friend of mine for the Elders of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. So after being a moderator for a year. My husband and I decided we should go visit in person. WE received donations from all over the world. I felt that this was part of my job to make sure all the generous people around the world gifts were actually received and valued. To our astonishment not only were the gifts very much appreciated but we could never get them enough stuff to protect them from the cold weather. The folks on the reservation live in severe poverty. Most of them have out houses and live in sheds that we store our lawn equipment inside. John and I went with a U-Haul of donations and blessed the folks on the reservation. It was a yearlong preparation for that delivery. It filled not just my heart but all the volunteer hearts as well. We documented our journey with photos as each goal was met and then later delivered.

Now let us fast forward 10 years. Covid-19 hits America and all my vendor shows and teaching jobs cancel. Now what will I do with myself. I started making masks. At some point I had tons of excess masks so I contacted my friend Glorianna on the reservation and asked her if she needed some. Well I believe I have sent her more than 1500 masks. In August of this year I decided that we need to do another trip to the reservation. So next August on our 11 anniversary of the first trip we will be delivering as many warm handmade items as we can fit in our vehicle and travel trailer.

Pine Ridge Letter One | American Crochet

If you choose to join us on this adventure you will receive Thank you notes, updates on our goals and photographs of what we are able to deliver. Below is a list of items to start our collection.

Age group: Men and Women think Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. Our first goal is 300. You can use any pattern that makes your heart sing and any kind of fabric, yarn or wool. Yes, you can sew them if you have that talent.

To learn more about Pine Ridge Charity Click >>HERE<<

XO, Mistie & DawnO

Pine Ridge Letter One | American Crochet

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